Convert CSV files into other formats

When you export data from WebMeUp Backlink Tool, the information is saved in the CSV format. If you need to create an ordinary table with columns, you should use the “Text to Columns” feature of MS Excel.

  • Highlight the column with the data

Highlight the column

  •  Go to the “Data” tab and press the “Text to Columns” button

Press 'Text to columns'

  • Choose “Delimited” (all the stats are delimited with a comma) and press “Next”

Choose 'Delimited'

  • Choose “Comma” as a delimiter and press “Next”

Choose 'Comma'

  • Choose “General” on the final screen and press “Finish”

Choose 'General'

Now, you can save the file as an Excel spreadsheet/workbook

Save file as spreadsheet

Or as a PDF document

 Save file in PDF


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