8 top WordPress plugins to improve user experience and SEO

SEO has evolved and is continuing to evolve.

It’s not just about getting the technical SEO right, it’s also about improving user experience.

If your users aren’t getting a good experience when they come to your site – they’re going to leave and probably not come back.

That’s why in this post, I’ve not just put together a list of SEO plugins to help you get the technical elements right, but also plugins that will have a positive impact on your sites usability.

7 steps to better-converting banner ads

Banner ads are still a popular format of promoting your products and services online. It'll be true to say that banners are now having their second life, mostly due to the fact that they are now designed in a much smarter way – to attract users’ attention, provide useful information and look consistent on any site’s page.

Avoiding the common faux-paw of banner ads (banners with unsolicited sound, video auto-plays, offensive slogans and images, etc.) will help a lot, but following some more practical tips will do even more good for your online advertising.

Outlined here are recommendations to help you design suitable, effective, and profitable banners ads targeted at conversions.

7 things you should stop doing to your websites

Let's say you've noticed a drop in your traffic, sales, number of subscribers, etc. It's disturbing, but that happens almost to everybody in the online world. Your next steps would be to identify the traffic leaks (maybe some good old backlinks got removed!) and see how the landing pages are doing. Maybe you need to add some good valuable content.

Now, stop and think. It's very possible your site's drowning for some other reasons – for the things you keep on doing every day thinking they are okay, while they are not! Here's my list of top 7 deadly things you should stop doing to your websites.

Numbers don't lie

According to the Hostway study, users are extremely likely to stop visiting your site when they are challenged with the so-called pet peeves – the factors that are most annoying for users.

Here are the top 5 sins according to the findings.

Do your pop-ups annoy customers? Here is how to check

Note: This article was inspired by Mark Traphagen's discussion.

Dear WebMeUp user, what is your attitude to pop-ups?

On the one hand, they bear a lot of resemblance to interruptive ads, because they arrive unannounced and don't ask for your permission to manifest on the screen.

On the other hand, they are much easier to mute. And, as the marketing industry matures, pop-up messages are getting more discreet, and tend to whisper rather than shout.

So, while an average Web surfer largely dislikes pop-ups, can they still be effective to spur conversions?