26 links from social profiles and pages that will drive traffic to your website

How about link building for exposure on social networks - all of the places you can links in social profiles and pages that won't necessarily count for SEO, but will help you get traffic and customers.

One thing you never want to miss out on is an opportunity to drive traffic and customers from your social media presence to your website. While you don’t want to turn your social media profiles and pages into nothing but links, there are a surprising number of places you can put links on them to make sure that no matter how a person finds you, they will be able to get back to your website. In this post, we’re going to look at all of the social profile links you should utilize for maximum traffic generation.

New in social: Google+ adds view count, Medium enables authorship and more

There’ve been so many updates related to social media networks lately that we’ve decided to put them together and explain what they’re all about. If you’re active on Google+, tweet using iPhone, promote products or services via LinkedIn or write for Medium, the news bits below are surely worth checking out.

How to build links with Twitter

Most people don't think of Twitter as a resource for their link building activities. Yet it can play an important role in the link building process in different ways. In this post, we're going to look at three ways you can utilize Twitter in an effort to increase links to your websites – and your clients'.

Use Your Twitter Profile for Links

Twitter offers not one, but two places in your profile to add a website link. The first is the main website field itself, and the second is within the 160 character Twitter bio.

Let's take this Twitter profile as an example of someone who places their link in both areas.