Broken link building: the only guide you will ever need

What's broken link building? Essentially, it's catching link building opportunities that arise from some links on a site being broken, hence the name.

While it has always been more of a white-hat SEO technique, broken link building moved from periphery to center-stage after Google's Penguin update. Previously, there existed easier and faster ways to get links. Post-Penguin, the SEO community began looking into less popular, but more legit link acquisition methods.  That’s how broken link building suddenly got momentum. 

10 Mac SEO tools worth checking out in 2014

Although most marketers prefer cloud-based SEO software these days, desktop solutions still have a fair number of proponents, mainly due to their ability to integrate with different web based apps as well as thanks to the control they give one over data updates.

Desktop tools, in their turn, are most often designed for Windows (the influence of the zeitgeist that reigned when the first SEO app appeared), and there’s been traditionally shortage of Mac SEO tools in the market.

So, if you happen to be in the desktop lover camp and you have a Mac, this roundup of the best SEO tools for Mac to use in 2014 is for you!