Top 15 digital marketing agencies with remarkable SEO blogs

There are thousands of SEO blogs around the web. Some of them are magazine-type platforms like Search Engine LandSearch Engine JournalSearch Engine Watch. Others are blogs by SEO software providers, for example WebMeUpMozAdvanced Web Ranking. There are hubs by individual SEOs - Point Blank SEOBlind Five Year OldOnReact, to name a few.

Also, there are blogs by digital marketing agencies, which I believe deserve a special look. Just imagine, they're written by people who deal with multiple SEO cases in various industries daily, and who are willing to share this experience in highly-practical content.

Below you'll find a list of 15 remarkable SEO blogs by digital marketing agencies to keep an eye on. For each blog, there's a short description, some quick engagement stats, references to key people behind the blog and posts you might like to read. Besides, blog authors were asked how they felt their blogs were different from the rest, and some replies will be provided below. 

New in social: Google+ adds view count, Medium enables authorship and more

There’ve been so many updates related to social media networks lately that we’ve decided to put them together and explain what they’re all about. If you’re active on Google+, tweet using iPhone, promote products or services via LinkedIn or write for Medium, the news bits below are surely worth checking out.

Top 10 SEO posts of March 2014

March 2014 saw advent of Google taking action against several popular web projects – MyBlogGuest, Portent and – which caused the SEO community to discuss those cases all around the web space. There was also SMX West 2014, which provided some food for thought, first-hand opinions from Google insiders and interviews with SEO celebrities. Last but not least, several authors published really amazing practical SEO content. Below is a summary of top 10 SEO posts of March 2014, broken down into three large thematic groups.

Google’s action on MyBlogGuest: what surface-scratchers seem to be missing

Yesterday morning, Matt Cutts announced via Twitter that Google "took action" on a large guest blog network.

What many marketers familiar with the industry read between the lines was that Matt Cutts probably meant Ann Smarty's MyBlogGuest. Indeed, later that day, a search for My Blog Guest returned only links to MBG's socials media profile in the results.

Then the penalty was later officially confirmed by the services founder herself.

To those unfamiliar with how guest blogging devolved from being a legitimate marketing practice to being viewed as some outlawed activity, MyBlogGuest's penalty may seem justified.

But I'd be inclined to think that anyone who shares this view simply hasn't been in online marketing long enough.

10 loudest SEO rants that will shift your perspective on SEO and content

Now that content marketing is a popular buzz word and readers have more content than they're able to digest, authors search for new forms of original and engaging content.

One way out is to scale content technically, i.e. to use more easy-to-consume and fresh content templates and thus win the battle for readers' attention. These may include buzzfeed-style image posts, branded in-post imagery, repeated video series.

Another way out is to scale content emotionally, i.e. to write rants. I can't speak for other niches, but in the SEO industry, rants work wonders.  Exhausted by how-to articles, panel expert round-ups and comments to Matt Cutts' videos, readers like listening to logical and passionate arguments. It's not rare that a well-written rant gets an unsurpassed number of social love and comments on various boards around the SEO space.

Below you'll find a list of 10 SEO rants that resonated with the industry the most – in no particular order.