7 types of stock images you must stop using today

You've probably heard it many times that visual content drives engagement (read more traffic and conversion). Just a month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content - photos and videos - saw a 65% increase in engagement. Are you sure your site's images are good enough to drive traffic?

It's high time to re-consider image use on most websites, as the standards of what's good and what's not have significantly changed since the 1990s (time when stock image sites started to gain their popularity). Images for the sake of images are not a good practice anymore. 


7 ways to optimize your site for Easter sales

Easter is just 10 days away, but that still leaves time to make some changes to your website (and not only website!), which can increase your conversions and sales over the festive days.

By default, Easter holidays can be a slow season with low sales figures in your monthly report. However, using some simple but smart marketing techniques, you can get the most out of this time of the year and if not increase, then sustain your average sales.

So what are the things you can do to your website this April that will improve customer experience and enhance your brand reputation? Read on to learn them.

7 steps to better-converting banner ads

Banner ads are still a popular format of promoting your products and services online. It'll be true to say that banners are now having their second life, mostly due to the fact that they are now designed in a much smarter way – to attract users’ attention, provide useful information and look consistent on any site’s page.

Avoiding the common faux-paw of banner ads (banners with unsolicited sound, video auto-plays, offensive slogans and images, etc.) will help a lot, but following some more practical tips will do even more good for your online advertising.

Outlined here are recommendations to help you design suitable, effective, and profitable banners ads targeted at conversions.

7 steps to building up your video strategy

Using videos on landing pages has been a trend for many years already, and for a good reason – videos do help increase conversions and sales. As reported by eyeviewdigital.com, using video on landing pages can help increase conversion by 80%.

Just ask Zappos, who increased sales by between 6% and 30% by simply adding product video demos. Or Neil Patel at Crazy Egg who landed $21,000 in additional monthly revenue after adding an explainer video to the site’s homepage.

Well, it doesn’t always work like that: create a video – make a lot of money.

And you probably know why - many product videos are not consistent, catchy and not targeted enough.

So, if you haven’t created any videos yet, or have had some negative experience (poor engagement, no conversion increase), let’s reveal the basic steps to an effective and painless video campaign.

7 videos you’ll hate to miss if you do online marketing

YouTube hosts thousands of SEO and online marketing videos just waiting to blow your mind. And the people behind these videos (sometimes the whole teams) are willing to share their long-time expertise completely for free. Sounds great, but most often, we just don't have enough time to look for something worthwhile.  

That's why I've prepared this small nice selection of online marketing videos you’ll hate to miss! Check out these 7 videos I've picked for this post and consider subscribing to the channels behind them.

Making 10 Minutes Count On Your AdWords Account

Many of us are running pay-per-click campaigns with bigger or smaller success. People spend hours reading case studies and PPC guides, attend numerous AdWords conferences, but if you ignore this 10-minute routine described in the video, it'll be just a waste of your time.