10 Mac SEO tools worth checking out in 2014

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Although most marketers prefer cloud-based SEO software these days, desktop solutions still have a fair number of proponents, mainly due to their ability to integrate with different web based apps as well as thanks to the control they give one over data updates.

Desktop tools, in their turn, are most often designed for Windows (the influence of the zeitgeist that reigned when the first SEO app appeared), and there’s been traditionally shortage of Mac SEO tools in the market.

So, if you happen to be in the desktop lover camp and you have a Mac, this roundup of the best SEO tools for Mac to use in 2014 is for you!


1. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a pack of 4 desktop SEO tools, each designed for a specific part of the SEO workflow. Together, they help the SEO with:

  • rank tracking
  • keyword research
  • on-page SEO audit
  • content optimization
  • backlink analysis, and more.

SEO PowerSuite’s biggest strength lies in its large number of features and the flexibility it offers one in performing different tasks.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: Pro - $299, Enterprise – $699 (all licenses include 6 months of free search algorithm updates)

Free version: yes

2. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Rankings is an all-round SEO solution that allows you to keep an eye on a wide array of SEO metrics within one SEO dashboard:

  • rankings,
  • backlinks,
  • analytics data,
  • social media metrics, and more.

Advanced Web Ranking integrates with Majestic SEO, Moz, SEMRush and Google Analytics, from which you can pull data into the tool and analyze it there.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: Starter - $49/mo, Pro - $99/mo, Agency - $199/mo, Enterprise - $499/mo.

Free version: a 30-day free trial.

3. SEO Extract

SEO Extract is an all-embracing dashboard that:

  • tracks keyword rankings,
  • analyzes keywords from the SEO perspective
  • provides detailed on-page stats
  • collects Piwik analytic data for the site (similar to Google Analytics).

One of SEO Extract’s biggest advantages is that it makes it easy to track rankings for the same keywords across multiple domains, and to effectively match crawl stats to keyword ranking data.

However, its keyword rankings are available only for the Google search engine.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: Standard - $65, Professional - $169.

Free version: yes (SEO Extract Light)

On-page SEO tools

4. iWeb SEO Tool  

The iWeb tool by RAGE software is meant for on-page SEO optimization. The tool allows you to import your site’s files into the project and optimize your:

  • titles,
  • meta description
  • image alt tags.

You can then upload the site onto the Web via FTP.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: $29.95

Free version: free for the company’s hosting clients

5. Integrity

Integrity by PeacockMedia is basically Link Sleuth for Mac. Just like Link Sleuth, it checks sites for broken links, highlights problems and also supports soft 404s among other things.

Plans and pricing


6. SEOSpyder

SEOSpyder by Mobilio is an SEO tool that allows you to

  • check your site for broken links
  • validate its HTML, RSS, CSS and JavaScripts,
  • test the site’s speed
  • see your site’s meta data
  • see your page’s status codes (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, etc.)
  • and more.

The biggest strength of this app is that it works with both, the desktop and the mobile version of your site.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: Pro - $99.99

Free version: yes

7. ScreamingFrog’s SEO spider

SEO Spider by ScreamingFrog is a powerful on-page SEO auditor that lets you analyze a site for all the usual structural and content issues. The tool will perform a crawl of your site and let you know:

  • Page status codes
  • Duplicate pages and URI issues
  • Internal links (to a page, and from a page)
  • Canonical tags
  • Page titles and descriptions, and more.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: £99/year + VAT

Free version: yes (a 500 URI cap)

Keyword trackers

8. SERank

SERank by RAGE software is a keyword tracker that allows you to:

  • Check rankings in over 100 search engines
  • Get traffic stats from Google Analytics
  • See how your rankings change over time
  • Track competitor rankings.

Plus, you get pretty historical ranking graphs and PDF reports for clients.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: Standard - $49.95 +VAT, Professional - $99.95+VAT, Multi-platform license - $29.95+VAT (all licenses include 1 year of free upgrades)

Free version: trial version available for evaluation

9. RankGuru for Mac

RankGuru SEO is a Mac app that enables you to check daily search engine rankings for an unlimited number of keywords and an unlimited number of sites right from your menu bar. Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines are supported.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: $4.99

Free version: n/a

Competition/backlink research tools

10. SEIntelligence

SEIntelligence from RAGE software is a competition research tools that allows you to make a cross-site comparison of several sites’:

  • Rankings
  • On-page optimization tactics
  • Backlinks
  • Each backlink site’s social media signals
  • Progress in the search engines, and more.

Plans and pricing

Licenses: $99.95 + VAT

Free version: trial version available for evaluation

Have you encountered a great SEO tool for Mac not mentioned here? Do drop us a line or leave a comment, we’ll check it out and update the list!

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