Google authorship: the free ride is over

Dear SEOs and businesses: I've got some terrible and wonderful news. It's only going to get tougher out there. The fun and exciting ride of authorship is about to come to a screeching halt – and in this piece, I'll explain exactly why.

This winter was especially cold for authors. Around mid-December, authorship snippets and author photos began disappearing from Google. Not entirely, mind you – but by a significant amount.

Shocked as the industry acted, it was a culling foretold by Google's grand wizard of search, Matt Cutts at Las Vegas PubCon.


26 links from social profiles and pages that will drive traffic to your website

How about link building for exposure on social networks - all of the places you can links in social profiles and pages that won't necessarily count for SEO, but will help you get traffic and customers.

One thing you never want to miss out on is an opportunity to drive traffic and customers from your social media presence to your website. While you don’t want to turn your social media profiles and pages into nothing but links, there are a surprising number of places you can put links on them to make sure that no matter how a person finds you, they will be able to get back to your website. In this post, we’re going to look at all of the social profile links you should utilize for maximum traffic generation.

New in social: Google+ adds view count, Medium enables authorship and more

There’ve been so many updates related to social media networks lately that we’ve decided to put them together and explain what they’re all about. If you’re active on Google+, tweet using iPhone, promote products or services via LinkedIn or write for Medium, the news bits below are surely worth checking out.

What happens on Google+ stays on Google+ (why your referral traffic may be stuck there)

Called the Mac of social by Guy Kawasaki, quoted the next big thing after Facebook and Twitter, Google+ got plenty of attention when it arrived.

Probably the first people to embrace the then-new social network were online marketers, since they were given many reasons to join: Search plus Your WorldGoogle AuthorshipKnowledge Graph, and other search innovations one could tap into - provided they had a Google+ account.

Well, Google themselves don't like calling G+ a social network; they prefer the term ‘the social layer underlying other Google services' instead. That said, is it sensible to expect Google+ to drive web traffic in the same manner Twitter or Facebook do? As our own experiences with Google+ demonstrate, it is often not.

The tale of two posts: Google+ vs. Twitter

When WebMeUp came out, it was already not dawn but broad afternoon for Google+; so we joined right away.

But it wasn't until the WebMeUp blog kicked off and we began sharing our content on Google+ that we realized the specifics of how Google+ drives referral traffic.

We have had 2 quite successful articles (well, successful for a brand-new blog), one of which took off on Twitter, while the other one was shared by many prominent folks on Google+.

We compared the social stats for the 2 posts, and this is what we found out.

How to utilize Google+ hangouts for SEO

If you want to expand your content marketing horizons, Google+ Hangouts is the place to be. Great content leads to increased social shares and links, both of which ultimately lead to better search rankings for your website.