How to utilize Google+ hangouts for SEO

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If you want to expand your content marketing horizons, Google+ Hangouts is the place to be. Great content leads to increased social shares and links, both of which ultimately lead to better search rankings for your website. With Google+ Hangouts, you can create one piece of amazing content and then turn it multiple pieces of content that will help your business rank in search in a multitude of ways. In this post, we’re going to look at how to utilize Google+ Hangouts for valuable content with strong SEO value.

1. Start with these 3 great Google+ Hangout ideas.

You first goal is to figure out what types of Google+ Hangouts would resonate best with your potential and current customer base. Here are some of the top ways businesses use Google+ Hangouts to create amazing content for their audience.


Interviews with influencers and experts in your industry are hot – everyone wants to hear insights from the people they admire. Google+ Hangouts is a great platform to use to conduct interviews that can be watched live as well as recorded for later use.

To get influencers and experts in your industry to agree to a Google+ Hangout, personalize your requests to them. Let them know how much you admire their work (pick something specific – blog, podcast, book, etc.), and tell them how you would like to share their insights with your audience.  Also include the fact that you will help them promote whatever they are currently promoting. If you can catch someone while they are promoting a new book, podcast, product, or service, then they will be more likely to say yes.


Panel discussions are also popular on Google+ Hangouts. You can hold different types of panels – Q&A panels with experts to give your audience more insight into your industry, discussion panels with your development team to launch a new product, and similar.

To really get your audience excited about panels, let them know about panels in advance and also let them be a part of the action by allowing them to submit questions and discussion topics. Just knowing that their question might be answered or a topic they submitted might be discussed is enough to encourage people to view the Hangout, either live or after the fact.


Google+ Hangouts has a lot of features that are similar to the top webinar tools out there, including the ability to share your screen for a live demonstration, play YouTube videos, and access documents through Google Drive. This means you can use Google+ Hangouts as a free webinar tool to launch products, promote new product features or services, or simply educate your audience.

2. Transform your Google+ Hangouts into the following content types.

Once you've recorded your Google+ Hangouts, you will have some awesome video content to share on your YouTube channel as well as your other video networks. But don't just stop there. You can also convert your Google+ Hangouts into other types of content. For example…

  • For interviews especially, and even panel discussions, you can strip the audio from your video and turn it into a podcast. This will give you exposure to audience types that love podcasts.
  • For interviews and panel discussions, you can transcribe (or hire someone to transcribe) everything said into an article for your blog.
  • For interviews and panel discussions, you can take a collection of transcriptions and compile them into ebooks. Ebooks can be used as lead magnets for your mailing list or distributed as Kindle books on Amazon.
  • For interviews and panel discussions, you can turn key takeaways and quotes into awesome images that can be shared on Pinterest, Flickr, and other image-based networks.
  • For webinars, you can have someone take the main steps / action items discussed and convert them into presentation slides for Slideshare. Key takeaways and quotes from interviews and panel discussions can be turned into presentation slides too.

As you can see, based on the type of Google+ Hangout you choose, you can create multiple types of content that can reach a huge audience. The benefit of different types of content is that you will be able to get your message out to everyone, no matter what style of learning they choose to adhere to. Readers will have their blog posts and ebooks, listeners will have their podcasts, video watchers will have the hangout video, and so forth.

3. Reap the SEO benefits.

The SEO benefits for creating this many types of content are two fold. First of all, because you are able to tap into multiple networks with each type of content, you can link back to your main website on each network with each type of content you create. Who wouldn’t love links from high authority sites like…

  • YouTube – Add your website link to the video description and as annotations within the video itself. You can also place links in the video description on Vimeo and other video networks.
  • iTunes – Add your website link to the page describing your podcast. You can also get similar links from other podcast networks like Stitcher.
  • Slideshare – Add your website link within the presentation itself and in the presentation description.
  • Amazon – Add links to your latest blog posts by updating your author central profile with your RSS feed link. Granted, they are redirect links, but they can still result in additional traffic. Also, you’ll get a link to your Twitter account and one from your latest tweet.

You also might get some great links from marketers who want to write about businesses who use Google+ Hangouts effectively!

In addition to the links, you can also optimize each piece of content you put out there to get more exposure for your business as a whole. All of the above-mentioned networks rank well in search, so the more content you put out, the more opportunity you have to be discovered by new customers.

Google+ Hangout Tips

If you’ve never used Google+ Hangouts, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Learn more about Google+ Hangouts, including how to start a Google+ Hangout from your profile or your page.
  • Test the ins and outs of Google+ Hangouts by creating one for you and a few of your colleagues. Test all of the features you plan to use in a live Google+ Hangout, including recording it on YouTube, screensharing, and other Google+ hangout tools.
  • See how competitors are using Google+ Hangouts to find some additional ideas.
  • Participate in a few Google+ Hangouts as viewer and, if possible, a panelist or interviewee.
  • Ask any participants for your Google+ Hangout to arrive 15 – 30 minutes in advance. This will ensure you all have worked out any technical issues before it goes live.

While Google+ Hangouts seem easy to use, there are lots of little things that you need to try in advance before you go live to ensure a better experience.

In Conclusion

As you can see, when you get started with Google+ Hangouts, you are opening the door to creating valuable content that your audience will love. You are also creating new opportunities to gain exposure to new audiences, valuable backlinks to your website, and of course, more chances to appear in search results based on your variety of content.

Do you use Google+ Hangouts? How do you utilize your Hangout content for SEO? Please share in the comments!

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