What I have learnt of 10 years building SEO software

Over the last 20 years software has merged into all spheres of our lives. Early in the morning we’re being woken up by a smart alarm clock that has been following our sleep cycles and phases to ensure perfect wake-up time.

Before we get up, many of us would already pick up their tablets to check Facebook and email. Toothbrush software is sure to pick the right mode for brushing your teeth. Your car’s navigation system would select the right route to get you to work avoiding traffic jams.

Most people reading this blog spend 90% of their time at their computers working with dozens of apps. And even when they have a spare moment, they would download a game, which is also software.

Hundreds of thousands of apps have been developed to date. Not all of them are perfect, which is a good thing, since it creates market opportunities for people who have software development skills.

So how do you tell if you should be up to developing the best software product in the world?

The checklist below includes 8 things I believe will let you see if you’re all set for your software development journey.