Is your business hyperactive in social media? Here is why you need to slow down

The French coined the slogan "art for art's sake" in the 19th century, but they didn't want you to apply it to a social media campaign.  

Sadly, I see quite a few people doing social for social's sake today, and this is a problem. It may turn into a major issue for everybody soon (if it hasn't already), because marketers have been adding noise to social exponentially.

Isn't social meant for… socializing?

Social media is primarily intended for peer-to-peer interaction. Being too pushy with your promotional efforts on social is akin to crashing a private party where friends are socializing without any intent to purchase anything at the moment.

7 steps to building up your video strategy

Using videos on landing pages has been a trend for many years already, and for a good reason – videos do help increase conversions and sales. As reported by, using video on landing pages can help increase conversion by 80%.

Just ask Zappos, who increased sales by between 6% and 30% by simply adding product video demos. Or Neil Patel at Crazy Egg who landed $21,000 in additional monthly revenue after adding an explainer video to the site’s homepage.

Well, it doesn’t always work like that: create a video – make a lot of money.

And you probably know why - many product videos are not consistent, catchy and not targeted enough.

So, if you haven’t created any videos yet, or have had some negative experience (poor engagement, no conversion increase), let’s reveal the basic steps to an effective and painless video campaign.

Matt Cutts on penalty diagnostics: “think holistic ranking”

We all know how confusing it is to establish why a site is not ranking highly on Google.

Yesterday Google's Matt Cutts spoke on how one can tell whether their site was hit by an algorithm refresh or whether it was outranked by a competitor.

According to Matt Cutts, it's usually hard to draw the line between the two cases, because at Google they "don't think much about algorithmic penalties. The web spam team writes all sorts of code, but that rather goes into the holistic ranking that Google does."

In the video, Cutts goes on to say it's a "tough call to make" to differentiate between a situation when a site is affected by a punitive element in Google's algorithm, and a case when a site is impacted by an algorithm improvement that's NOT a penalty.

7 videos you’ll hate to miss if you do online marketing

YouTube hosts thousands of SEO and online marketing videos just waiting to blow your mind. And the people behind these videos (sometimes the whole teams) are willing to share their long-time expertise completely for free. Sounds great, but most often, we just don't have enough time to look for something worthwhile.  

That's why I've prepared this small nice selection of online marketing videos you’ll hate to miss! Check out these 7 videos I've picked for this post and consider subscribing to the channels behind them.

Making 10 Minutes Count On Your AdWords Account

Many of us are running pay-per-click campaigns with bigger or smaller success. People spend hours reading case studies and PPC guides, attend numerous AdWords conferences, but if you ignore this 10-minute routine described in the video, it'll be just a waste of your time.

Google’s action on MyBlogGuest: what surface-scratchers seem to be missing

Yesterday morning, Matt Cutts announced via Twitter that Google "took action" on a large guest blog network.

What many marketers familiar with the industry read between the lines was that Matt Cutts probably meant Ann Smarty's MyBlogGuest. Indeed, later that day, a search for My Blog Guest returned only links to MBG's socials media profile in the results.

Then the penalty was later officially confirmed by the services founder herself.

To those unfamiliar with how guest blogging devolved from being a legitimate marketing practice to being viewed as some outlawed activity, MyBlogGuest's penalty may seem justified.

But I'd be inclined to think that anyone who shares this view simply hasn't been in online marketing long enough.