8 top WordPress plugins to improve user experience and SEO

SEO has evolved and is continuing to evolve.

It’s not just about getting the technical SEO right, it’s also about improving user experience.

If your users aren’t getting a good experience when they come to your site – they’re going to leave and probably not come back.

That’s why in this post, I’ve not just put together a list of SEO plugins to help you get the technical elements right, but also plugins that will have a positive impact on your sites usability.

Is your focus on quantity or quality?

How often do you find yourself daydreaming about writing a best-seller or developing the perfect business that every media outlet talks about? I bet during these daydreams you balance your success on something like that coming true.

It’s good to have massive dreams – it causes us to reach higher. However, we have the tendency to think large numbers of followers are going to bring us massive success, when in reality our perceptions are skewed.

We’d all love to have millions of fans who purchase, talk, and share everything you put out. However, this usually isn’t going to be the case. It’s time to switch our perceptions from the mass scale and bring them back down to earth.

This doesn’t mean the work we’ll be doing will be less successful or have a lesser impact. In fact, by focusing our efforts on producing and attracting quality over quantity, our work may begin to matter more.

New in social: Google+ adds view count, Medium enables authorship and more

There’ve been so many updates related to social media networks lately that we’ve decided to put them together and explain what they’re all about. If you’re active on Google+, tweet using iPhone, promote products or services via LinkedIn or write for Medium, the news bits below are surely worth checking out.

7 steps to better-converting banner ads

Banner ads are still a popular format of promoting your products and services online. It'll be true to say that banners are now having their second life, mostly due to the fact that they are now designed in a much smarter way – to attract users’ attention, provide useful information and look consistent on any site’s page.

Avoiding the common faux-paw of banner ads (banners with unsolicited sound, video auto-plays, offensive slogans and images, etc.) will help a lot, but following some more practical tips will do even more good for your online advertising.

Outlined here are recommendations to help you design suitable, effective, and profitable banners ads targeted at conversions.

Top 10 SEO posts of March 2014

March 2014 saw advent of Google taking action against several popular web projects – MyBlogGuest, Portent and DocSheldon.com – which caused the SEO community to discuss those cases all around the web space. There was also SMX West 2014, which provided some food for thought, first-hand opinions from Google insiders and interviews with SEO celebrities. Last but not least, several authors published really amazing practical SEO content. Below is a summary of top 10 SEO posts of March 2014, broken down into three large thematic groups.