How to utilize Google+ hangouts for SEO

If you want to expand your content marketing horizons, Google+ Hangouts is the place to be. Great content leads to increased social shares and links, both of which ultimately lead to better search rankings for your website. 

Local SEO in 2014: just use common sense

SEOs are a speculative bunch. In fact, spend time reading too many SEO blogs and you may be led to believe that SEOs actually like to speculate more than they like to do SEO. So naturally, you may be expecting this post to be full of… well, speculation. What will 2014 bring? How might the great mysteries of Google Hummingbird change the landscape of local SEO? What factors will be important?

I've got some answers for you…

 But I'm going to keep this post free of wild guesses and focus on common sense, highlighting a key areas worth taking note of for the coming year and giving a few ideas as to how emerging trends should factor into your strategy.

So come on – let's stare into the majestic double-rainbow of local SEO and ask what it all means.

7 things I wish I knew before my first SEO job interview

There’s nothing more stressful than going to a job interview when you have neither experience nor fundamental knowledge of the required field.

But that’s what exactly happened to me about 6 years ago when I decided to apply for the position of an SEO assistant. With absolutely no experience. I got the position, though feeling so stressed I could almost cry. 

Here are 7 things I learnt that time and want to share with you.