7 videos you’ll hate to miss if you do online marketing

Created: Inessa Bokhan
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YouTube hosts thousands of SEO and online marketing videos just waiting to blow your mind. And the people behind these videos (sometimes the whole teams) are willing to share their long-time expertise completely for free. Sounds great, but most often, we just don't have enough time to look for something worthwhile.  

That's why I've prepared this small nice selection of online marketing videos you’ll hate to miss! Check out these 7 videos I've picked for this post and consider subscribing to the channels behind them.

1. Making 10 Minutes Count On Your AdWords Account

Many of us are running pay-per-click campaigns with bigger or smaller success. People spend hours reading case studies and PPC guides, attend numerous AdWords conferences, but if you ignore this 10-minute routine described in the video, it'll be just a waste of your time.

On the whole, it's a good practice to follow the official Google channels not to miss the latest piece from Matt Cutts and other famous Googlers. In addition to the AdWords channel, I would recommend subscribing to Google Webmasters.

2. SEO Ranking Factors 2014 - What's Working On Google

Which link factors are important? Do we have to spend more time on social media? Is user experience as important as quality content? You'll get answers to these questions after watching this great overview of SEO ranking factors 2014 prepared by Melbourne SEO and Video.

3. How To Start A Blog Step By Step

Matthew Woodward is an award-winning blogger who regularly publishes online marketing tutorials, case studies and reports on his online earnings. He has shared his experience of building up a blog in this 28-minute video.

Matthew produces lots of useful video tutorials and reviews, so make sure to subscribe to him too.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO and Local Search Rankings

Another useful SEO channel gets managed by Koozai – they have lots of video goodies out there to help you with online marketing activities. Take this ultimate guide to local SEO – 23 minutes and you'll already see what needs to be improved to grow your site's local rankings.

5. An SEO Checklist for New Sites - Whiteboard Friday

The Whiteboard Friday series produced by Moz is a definite must-watch for SEOs of all levels. This SEO checklist for new sites is awesome for the 2 main reasons – it helps you better plan the SEO activities for the brand-new project and you can show it to your customer and non-marketing team so they better understand what you want to do.

6. SEO the HELL out of Wordpress

Fixing SEO issues for a WordPress website can take certain time and effort, but thanks to Simon Painter (who's been in the Website Design/SEO field for over 15 years.), you can learn a ton of things about using SEO plugins for WordPress. This video's not short (1hour 16minutes!), but it has no useless bla-bla-bla, only 100% practical recommendations.

7. How to make a great video with an iPhone

If you haven't made a single video for your company or customer yet, because you think it's too complicated and expensive, it's the right time to watch guys from Wistia making awesome videos using… an iPhone!

Which online marketing channels do you usually watch? And how helpful are they for your SEO work? Let's discuss!

Author: Inessa Bokhan
joined WebMeUp on a part-time basis to work on content and outreach. She covers the "7 Things" series for WebMeUp blog and manages our affiliate campaigns. Inessa also works as Chief Marketing Manager at SEOlots, search marketing consultancy for small business companies. Iness brings with her a wealth of experience (over 6 years) having worked in-house and agency-side in SEO and PPC.