26 links from social profiles and pages that will drive traffic to your website

How about link building for exposure on social networks - all of the places you can links in social profiles and pages that won't necessarily count for SEO, but will help you get traffic and customers.

One thing you never want to miss out on is an opportunity to drive traffic and customers from your social media presence to your website. While you don’t want to turn your social media profiles and pages into nothing but links, there are a surprising number of places you can put links on them to make sure that no matter how a person finds you, they will be able to get back to your website. In this post, we’re going to look at all of the social profile links you should utilize for maximum traffic generation.

Facebook links

Let’s start with the top social media network – Facebook. With billions of active users per month, there’s no better place for your business to get discovered.

1. The Facebook profile to page link

By simply adding your business as your current employment under the Work and Education section of your personal profile on Facebook, you’ll get a link from your personal profile to your business page. Encourage everyone at the company to do this as well so that whenever anyone comes across their profiles, they’ll be able to get to your business page (which will link out to your website in several ways).

2. The Facebook profile contact information link

To link directly to your website from your personal profile, place a link in the website field of your contact information, and make sure it is publicly viewable so that anyone who reaches your personal profile can find it.

3. The Facebook profile about link

You also have the option in your personal profile to write a description of yourself. Be sure to add a link to your website there as well.

4. The Facebook page short description link

Most Facebook pages allow for a short description of their business to appear beneath their cover photo (or in the new page layout, at the top of the left sidebar as shown above).  Be sure to go to your page’s settings and include a link to your website in yours.

5. The facebook page website link

In the new page layout, your official website field will also be displayed beneath your short description. This gives you the chance to use two different links (as they have in the example above) or will give you more room for your short description once you receive the new Facebook page design.

6. The Facebook page long description link

Similarly to personal profiles, pages allow you to have a long description about your business. You can include additional links in this section to point visitors to your top products or services.

7. The Facebook page cover photo link

You know that awesome cover photo for your page? When people click on it, they get the lightbox with a photo and description. Put a call to action button your cover photo (like the one shown above) and make sure there’s a matching link for your promotion in the cover photo’s description.

8. The Facebook page app link

Facebook page apps are going to move from right below your cover photo to the left hand sidebar, as shown above. Nonetheless, you can make these apps (formerly known as tabs) link directly to your website using the Woobox Custom Tab App – just set it to redirect to your website.

Twitter links

If you saw the post on Twitter link building, you probably know about the first two options for getting links to your website. But there’s still another!

9. The Twitter profile website link

First, you have your basic website link when you set up your profile. This link shows up under your Twitter bio and to the right of your location.

10. The Twitter profile bio link

Next, you have the link you can add to your Twitter bio itself. It’s good to have both as there are some areas on Twitter (like search results) that will only show your bio, and not the website link field itself.

11. The Twitter background link

While these links are not live, you can put links in your Twitter background image. This will allow you to show visitors that you have even more to offer by highlighting different products and services. Follow the lead of WebMeUp’s background and color the links to make them stand out.

12. The Twitter profile media link

Whenever you share a photo or video in a tweet, it will show up in the Photos and Videos section of your Twitter profile. Make sure each has a link back to your website so that people who click on them can get to related content on your website.

Google+ links

Google’s own social network, Google+, offers a lot of link love for your website in the following areas.

13. The Google+ profile and page introduction link

Both profiles and pages on Google+ have an introduction section that allows you to write about yourself and your business. You can include anchor text based links in this description.

14. The Google+ page website link

Google+ pages allow you to specify a verified website for your business. This will be shown on your Google+ page at the top beneath your profile photo.

15. The Google+ profile and page links

Both Google+ profiles and pages allow you to add additional links for your business. This is a great place to go beyond just your homepage link and direct visitors to your top products and services.

16. The Google+ profile contributor link

If you write for your company’s blog, then include a link to it in the Contributor to section of your Google+ profile.

17. The Google+ community about link

If you own a Google+ community, be sure to add your link(s) to the About this Community box. This will show up at the top of the community page for both members and non-members, depending on your community’s privacy settings.

LinkedIn links

Most of LinkedIn looks dramatically different for people who are not logged in. Fortunately, there are still some great links you can share with anyone, regardless of whether they belong to LinkedIn or simply found your profiles, groups, or pages in search results. The examples below represent the logged out view.

18. The LinkedIn profile websites link

On your LinkedIn profile, you can have three links in your contact information. By default, they will want you to link to My Website, My Blog, and other generic terms. If you select Other in the dropdown, you can fill in your own anchor text.

19. The LinkedIn profile projects link

One of the less utilized sections of your LinkedIn profile, Projects, will allow you to create a project that will link back to your website. Projects could essentially be your products and services.

20. The LinkedIn profile publications link

Another less utilized section of your LinkedIn profile, Publications, will also allow you to link out to your website. For those who don’t sell books, this can be a great option if you have free ebooks or whitepapers that you offer as lead magnets for your mailing list.

21. The LinkedIn company page website link

The LinkedIn company page website field will show up at the top right for anyone not logged in to LinkedIn, and beneath your page’s banner for those who are logged in.

22. The LinkedIn company page showcase pages link

The LinkedIn showcase page website field will also show up at the top right for anyone not logged in to LinkedIn, and beneath your showcase page’s header for those who are logged in.

Note that LinkedIn plans to remove the Products / Services tab from company pages, so now is the time to create a showcase page for your top products and services.

23. The LinkedIn group profile website link

If you own a group on LinkedIn, be sure to add your website link to the groups description. It will show up at the top right for those not logged in to LinkedIn, and under the group’s profile for those who are logged in.

Pinterest links

On Pinterest, you have two options for links.

24. The Pinterest profile link

First, you can verify your website URL and have it show up at the top of your profile for both personal accounts and business accounts.

25. The Pinterest pin link

Next, you can add links to your pins. Even if you upload images from your computer, you can still go in to each pin and edit the link to point back to your website – so don’t leave any pin unlinked!

Instagram links

Last, but not least, there is Instagram. This is one link that a lot of people and businesses forget to add.

26. The Instagram profile link

When you create your Instagram profile, be sure to add your website link to it. It shows up for people who look at your profile on their smartphone and their desktop.

In conclusion

There you have it – 26 great links you can place on your social media profiles and pages to ensure that visitors will have no trouble finding your website. And none of them will make you seem like you’re overdoing it! Did I miss any? If so, please add them to the comments!

Author: Kristi Hines
is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter!