Top 5 WebMeUp features 2013 picked by users

We are getting a lot of feedback - feature requests and thank-you letters are most common. To sum up what users most love about WebMeUp, we've prepared a short video with feature highlights.

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Top 5 features chosen by WebMeUp users

1 All-in-one feature-rich SEO app

WebMeUp modules make sure each SEO task gets your attention – be it keyword research, optimization of landing pages, analytics, or social media. And that's actually the thing most valued by WebMeUp users, as they can manage all they need with one friendly and feature-rich app.

All tools in one place

What I mostly like is the reasonable price and you get all tools in one place. Daily up & down keywords tracking, backlinks service, and complete competition analysis.With data imported from Google Analytics, you can see which keywords bring most traffic, the keyword bounce rate, etc. Adding keywords from Analytics is a super feature!

WebMeUp is worth every penny, all tools under one roof!

Dotkomp service inc.

Everything you need is there

WebMeUp is the best SEO tool we've used at DNAme. Everything you need is there, and being able to see our competitors' backlinks has been a massive help. Thanks!

JC Norreel,

Finds every little thing wrong with your site

You get 15 days free to try it out and you can get 15 more days for filling out a few things. It's worth it, as you'll be able to find every little thing wrong with your site, so you can fix it and get your SEO ranking up there. The tool helps find keywords, it tells you the competition rate for them and the amount of traffic the keyword is expected to be able to bring in at #1 spot. And so much more! I can go on for an hour or two telling you everything that's awesome about this and still just scratch the surface.

Unblock Biz

I was surprised to see so many benefits

I was looking for a nice tool to monitor my keywords for various pages. And from the moment i signed up to WebMeUp, I was surprised to see the many benefits I had. Each tab revealed a new function that made my work easier. Integration with Google Analytics is great - and the Competitor overview is a great way to see your efforts are paying back. Thank you!

Ture Alsvik,
Spies A/S

WebMeUp has the features & functionality to help you

The kind of features WebMeUp provides in 15 day trial is mind blowing. It doesn't matter if your first concern is tracking your SERP rank or doing a keyword research or running a competitor analysis or maybe link prospecting, WebMeUp has the features & functionality to help you. The UI of the application is very easy to navigate. And their forum section is awesome and I think it will become a big community in near future.

Nazbir Ahmed,
ST Solutions

If you invest in one tool, make it WebMeUp

Having tried nearly every online and desktop SEO tool for Internet marketing, I can say that WebMeUp has done it right. It has cut our research and evaluation time by easily 60% and saved us the huge monthly expense of proxies and captchas. In fact, we saved more than the cost of the standard package. But really the best part is, it saves us the headaches that come with running out of captchas and failed proxies.

If you invest in one tool to help you rank your sites better, make it WebMeUp, you'll be glad you did!

Brian Johnson,
CTC local Inc.

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2 Speed and ease of use

The second most popular thing picked by users is performance and ease of use. Generally, the app starts collecting tons of SEO data from the moment you create your project and then it gets updated on a regular basis. Although the amounts of data are quite big, the intuitive interface makes this app popular with users of all levels.

Focusing on the most important aspects

I'm working with a bunch of SEO tools. So what makes WebMeUp a valuable addition for me? With other tools, I'm drowning almost in SEO data, spending often too much time to find the real important stats. WebMeUp gets it right from the start in focusing on the most important aspects.

I like its speed, especially if you had to deal with several projects.

Frank Limbacher,
Limstyle webdesign

WebMeUp has made learning SEO intuitive

SEO is finally making sense. WebMeUp has made learning SEO intuitive, structured and actually fun without having to rely on documentation or a start-and-stop learning curve like most programs. Get it!!

Richard Anthony,
Rockfish restaurant

WebMeUp lets me decide exactly what I need

I really love the possibility to set up your own price plan! I usually never find a price plan that fits my needs with other tools, but WebMeUp lets me decide exactly what I need from the tool and pay for exactly that. Simple and great - I like it!

Annika von Schlieben,
Ving Sverige AB

Just one week in, my site has drawn more traffic

When I first came across WebMeUp, I was excited about the possibility of improving my website's efficacy. Just one week in, my site has drawn more traffic, I have more backlinks, and I was able to repair some crawl issues. I am an SEO novice, but the webmeup software has helped make my efforts worthwhile.

Nicholas Loncar,
Law Offices of Nicholas Loncar

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3 Profound on-page optimization and site audit

We know that a well optimized website with fixed issues is the basis on your SEO campaign. That's why we have a special module in WebMeUp (Site Audit) that focuses on these little and big bugs that can influence your site performance, usability and even ranking. The good thing is that the app will give you clear instructions about every issue and explanation with best practices.

We would not have recovered this easily

Just tested the application and already found errors at a client's site - we would not have recovered this easily!

Erwin Pasop,
Tam Tam

Specific data about what's needed to be improved

WebMeUp is a very good platform - I am able to view specific data about what's needed to be improved on my website!


Love the way page optimization works

I've been using SEO tools for years but WebMeUp is really impressive. It's very easy to use when looking at competitors and i just love the way page optimization works. All in all, this must be one the best SEO tools I've tried so far.

Thomas Andersen,
TAmedia Aps

WebMeUp made it easy

WebMeUp made it easy to find 9 broken links in my website by giving me the page they were on and the link that was broken. It even told me what line they were on in the source code. It can't get any easier than that.

Also, I really like the information they give about keywords. It helped me get an idea of how many hits I should expect and the visibility that I should expect.

Synthia Parton,
Crocodile Solutions

Daily rankings and easy landing pages optimization

This new SEO app really looks great, I have been working with it for some days now. I like the daily rankings, and the easy landing pages optimization. I'm also looking forward to all the new stuff that's on the way :-) WebMeUp offers a 15-day free trial, try it :-)

Peter Hinrichsen,
NET-TEC Online

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4 Competitors tracking and reports

More experienced users can hardly imagine SEO without monitoring what their competition is doing. WebMeUp provides all necessary SEO stats about your top competitors – rankings, pages, backlinks, social media signals – everything you need to know to adjust your SEO strategy.

Another feature required and favored by many users is Reports. Create, manage, white-label and schedule reports to be sent to you or your SEO customers.

Within 5 minutes, I have over 100 keywords loaded and 10 competitors being tracked

I came across this one morning whilst reading my daily SEO blogs. Paying for a lot of SEO software, I decided to give the site a look as the review was very bland and not at all in depth. Within 5 minutes, I have over 100 keywords loaded and 10 competitors being tracked. I feel like I can now see, hear and smell every move my competitors make! Whether it be indexing new pages or creating new backlinks, I know how to counter attack my competitors' SEO campaigns whilst keeping track of the SEO improvements on my own site.

This software is more than good, it's lethal!

Tom London,
Tom London Magic

My customer can now understand the SEO reports I'm sending

I love the simplicity of the reports. My customer can now understand the SEO reports I'm sending.

Keep up the good work!
Best Regards

Design Solutions

I feel like I am getting something worth while for my money

I really like the layout of WebMeUp, the interface is fun to use and I like the social aspect of the service. The reporting on SEO statistics is nice and clear, I feel like I am getting something worthwhile for my money :)

Ola Kivinen,
Cyberdave Media

Finally, after years of searching a friendly SEO reporting tool

Finally after years of testing and trying a variety of SEO reporting tools, someone has come up with a winner that is exceptionally easy to use and feature loaded. I've only been working with WebMeUp for a few days, but I can tell you it is already a very hot bit of software. Cleverly well designed and very functional reporting. Not only that, but it has one of the fastest growing and friendly SEO community forums built right into it.

I highly recommend you give it a 15 day test drive for free.

John Alexander,
Search Engine Academy

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5 Support and Community

I look forward to using this service for years to come

Every SEO expert knows that sometimes you have to bite the bullet and shell out for a piece of software to take their business to that next level.

My experience of these stand box software products was filled with stand alone machines addition, monthly fees for proxies and an uncountable amount of captchas. All in all the software worked, but the overhead was a pain in the beep.

So I was excited to discover WebMeUp! It topped my list when I reviewed online SEO apps.

The simple interface is super intuitive and the community is warm and inviting. Also the incentives to bring newbies onboard are a great fresh approach.

I look forward to using this service for years to come as I know WebMeUp will take my business to that next level.

Anthony William,
Miami Design Agency

It's really a great place, and I am drawn to this website more than others

First of I want to say thank you for spending so much time with the software and making it better by each day.

I was surprised that the keywords I thought were solid were actually poor (laughing here sadly) - after I typed in them, it showed me that the competition we were against is actually the huge 37 million!

It's really a great place, and I am drawn to this website more than others because the design is so 2.0 here and also has a community with like-minded people.

Can't wait to start getting real good at this and see some results and I am sure I will :)


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