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Blended results tracking now in WebMeUp

Today we are happy to offer another product announcement for WebMeUp users — blended search results tracking!

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Now your SEO software tracks rankings in universal search results for Google, Yahoo and Bing. What does it change for you? You'll now have great insights into the real rankings of your own site and competitors.

For example, if your site is not on Page 1 in regular search results, but it ranks in Places results on Google's first page – you'll now see these positions in WebMeUp!

Watch a video tutorial to learn how to fully monitor your presence in search engines:

Here's a quick rundown of how it works:

Go to the Project –> Keywords and rankings. If WebMeUp finds Universal Search results for one of your keywords, you'll see a small "U" icon next to it. The icon has 2 states — grey if you are not in these results, and green — if you are there:

Now click on the green U icon to see the details – the URL, the ranking and the type of the Universal Search results:

Click on the keyword (or the arrow next to it) to see the top 100 search results:

Here you'll see the blended results – the organic and the Universal search ones mixed, just as they appear on Google.

The green star indicates your own site, the grey unchecked stars are other URLs that you can consider your search competitors. Press on the grey star to add the URL to the Competitor's module and analyze its SEO stats:

(if the site's already in Competitors, you'll see that it's marked with an orange star)

Why is it important to track "blended results"

In some cases the blended results can push down the organic ones and therefore get more attention, clicks and conversions. With WebMeUp you can now track all these results and you don't have to do any setup!

What's next?

We are going to improve WebMeUp further – here's what's planned in the nearest time:

  • New backlink tool (100,000+ competitor links per project!)
  • Local rankings and improved keyword analysis
  • Multiple users and users' role management

If you wish to subscribe now, you won't have to pay anything extra for these improvements.

And now it's high time to open your account and check where your site ranks in Universal Search!

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  • 1 project
  • 1 user
    1 staff, 0 clients
  • 5,000 pages crawled

  • 30,000 backlinks
    5,000 per site (incl. competitors)
  • 100 keywords tracked
  • 50 landing pages
  • No keyword discovery
  • 10 projects
  • Unlimited users
    5 staff, unlimited clients
  • 100,000 pages crawled
    10,000 per project
  • 1,200,000 backlinks
    20,000 per site (incl. competitors)
  • 1,000 keywords tracked
  • 500 landing pages
  • Unlimited keyword discovery
  • 20 projects
  • Unlimited users
    5 staff, unlimited clients
  • 200,000 pages crawled
    10,000 per project
  • 3,000,000 backlinks
    25,000 per site (incl. competitors)
  • 2,000 keywords tracked
  • 1,000 landing pages
  • Unlimited keyword discovery
  • 30 projects
  • Unlimited users
    10 staff, unlimited clients
  • 450,000 pages crawled
    15,000 per project
  • 9,000,000 backlinks
    50,000 per site (incl. competitors)
  • 3,000 keywords tracked
  • 1,500 landing pages
  • Unlimited keyword discovery