WebMeUp screenshot tour

In this tour you'll see the modules present in WebMeUp right now — and will also learn where to find and how to use some of WebMeUp features.

Work is boiling here, and we're working to add more features soon. We'll keep adding more search engines, data labeling, and numerous enhancements to data presentation and user experience.

1 Project dashboard

Explore your dashboard

Here's your comprehensive and full-blast dashboard, where you see all projects in your account and the progress of your SEO campaigns.

It displays indexing stats, total number and distribution of social signals, structure and content-related issues, checking which you can pretty quickly detect all the bottlenecks.

Customize your dashboard

The dashboard is fully customizable letting you move the widgets around and place them wherever you want. Add widgets like backlink anchors, ranking success (with the help of which you can at a glance evaluate your progress!) and many other.

2 SEO factors module

Learn why you are still not in TOP

In this module you can go through the bunch of checked metrics to easily detect problematic areas like, for example, small number of dofollow backlinks, low visibility rate or few social signals.

Here, as well as in the previously described dashboard, you may tune up the displayed factors to monitor those which are of utmost importance.

Learn what your
competitors are fixing

The graphs show factor history not only for your website, but also for your competitors, letting you spy on them and see which factors they treat as priority.

3 Keywords and Rankings

Select keywords

Not sure which keywords to promote? WebMeUp offers many options. Using many tools and sources of keyword ideas, WebMeUp will let you perform a most powerful and comprehensive research.

Check your rankings in multiple search engines and monitor their fluctuations

We do our best to provide users with fresh and updated information. That's why keyword positions are updated daily, letting you quickly notice even slight fluctuations (hopefully, these will be rises). As they say, forewarned is forearmed!

Compare your rankings with competitors

You may also be guessing how well you perform compared to your competitors and how your position drops or rises affect your website visibility in search engines. All this is provided in WebMeUp illustrative and easy-to-understand "Keywords and rankings" module!

Traffic-rich keywords

Find which keywords bring more traffic to your site — the figures are taken from your Google Analytics (you should set it up in WebMeUp)

4 Site Structure

Know your structural and coding errors

Explore your website structure in the "Pages" module, where you'll also see issues that may potentially affect crawlability, PageRank distribution, trigger duplicate content alarm, or in any other way hamper your website promotion.

WebMeUp provides you with indispensable information about every website page, including:

  • duplicate <title> tags
  • tags length
  • number of external and internal links
  • broken links
  • and much more!

5 Landing Pages

Check how well your pages are optimized

WebMeUp does its best to help you optimize your landing pages for targeted keywords. It not only evaluates your current optimization rate and keywords usage in this or that webpage element, it also provides you with recommendations on what you need to change to improve the current state of things and make your landing page appealing to search engines.

Get detailed recommendations for better optimization

To see detailed advice on optimizing each page element, go to Page elements. You really can't go wrong with such in-depth reports and recommendations!

on-page recommendations

Traffic for landing pages

See how your landing pages perform – analyze the number of visits and bounces. To see this data, you should set up Google Analytics in WebMeUp.

6 Backlinks

Explore your backlinks

After you've fixed your on-page and structure issues it's high time to check the "Backlinks" module where you can see all the backlinks that currently point to your website, and manage them!

WebMeUp checks all the necessary backlink parameters to show you how qualitative your backlinks are. These parameters include:

  • anchor text
  • value of every backlink (i.e. how much PageRank the link has passed to your site)
  • target URL
  • number of internal and external links
  • link type (dofollow/nofollow)
  • domain age
  • alexa rank
  • website hosting country
  • and much more!

Manage your potential
backlinks resources

Backlinks management tab is pretty exciting too! As you add a page you'd like to get a link from, enter target URL and the desired anchor text (which is, by the way, suggested by WebMeUp) you'll be able to keep track of your potential backlink pages.

7 Competition Research
competition research

Analyze your competitors

Do you know why your competitors rank higher? Is it due to better on- or off-page optimization? What should you do to be in advance?

In WebMeUp "Competitors" module you can examine these questions really close and get the answers! In this module you'll be provided with:

  • the data about where and how well your competitors currently rank
  • the number of social signals to their websites
  • their pages optimization level
  • the list of backlinks with indicators of quality
  • and much more!

Find most juicy links of your competitors

The "Backlinks" screen in the "Competitors" module is indispensable if you want to:

  • estimate how active a competitor is when it concerns off-page SEO
  • find competitor's most juicy links to get the same for your website

Great filtering and customization options will help you be more productive in your analysis.

8 Social Media

Social media factors overview

  • Track social media signals for your site in multiple social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Diigo, and Delicious
  • See how much traffic each social network sends to your site
  • Compare the results on history graphs

Social signals for every
landing page

Monitor social signals for every landing page in your project

Competitors' social media stats

See how many Facebook likes, tweets, G+ shares, etc. your competitors enjoy and easily find out what social networks your competitors (or basically any site on the Web) target.

9 Google Analytics data

Google analytics data for each project

Set up Google analytics in WebMeUp to see:

  • Keywords bringing traffic to your site
  • Pages that are most popular and get lots of visits
  • Backlink pages that send most traffic to your site

Grab pages and keywords from Analytics

Add pages and keywords directly from the Google Analytics module to the project Keywords and Landing pages

10 Reports

Generate great reports!

The "Reports" module lets you create reports on different aspects of your SEO project. You can set up a regular reporting schedule or generate one-time reports on demand.

WebMeUp reports vividly present the gathered data to make it cognitively simple for you and your clients.

As you can see, the use of WebMeUp has many advantages:

  • All the integrated tools will to a great extent assist you in your SEO efforts by carrying out multi-faceted in-depth analyses
  • Your marketing activities can be more productive with WebMeUp performing a bunch of routine and time-consuming tasks, and saving you time, money and efforts.
  • WebMeUp does not rely on any third-party tools and will any time provide you with up-to-date information
  • Intuitive interface and illustrative data presentation let you quickly and easily find everything you need!

Take advantage of all these features! Sign up for a free fully-functional 15-days trial now!