Earn and spend WebPoints (wP)

WebPoints are the internal currency for WebMeUp community. You earn wP when you order a subscription, make a Facebook share, post on our forums and do other good things.

You spend wP on extending your WebMeUp subscription or on other perks from time to time.

How do I get my first wP?

As soon as you sign up for WebMeUp, you get wP15 credited to your account. That's not enough to spend it on something yet — but it's quite enough to get started.

What's your next step?

To earn more wP, do simple things like filling out your profile and uploading your profile picture, start a new forum topic or reply to existing ones, vote for forum posts, do some social activity etc.

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Is it of much use?

Really so. You can:

  1. Save real money with it — Use wP to pay for a WebMeUp subscription, or to buy some other occasional perks you'll keep finding in your personal account.
  2. Get more visibility for you and your site — the more points you have in total, and the more points you've earned over the month, the higher you rank among other users. Top 50 ranking wP earners participate in the rating where you've got a link to your profile and another link to your website.
  3. Take advantage of special offers and bonuses we'll be adding to your account on special occasions

WebPoints, Levels and Perks

By earning WebPoints, you can move up in our Level System:

Level WebPoints
Dark horse 0-99 wPs
Good buddy 99-299 wPs
Trusty mate 300-499 wPs
Best friend 500-1999 wPs
Go-to person 2000+ wPs

Best friends and Go-to persons, just like paid users of WebMeUp software, get:

  1. A dofollow link in their public profile.
  2. An opportunity to create a signature to be shown next to their posts on WebMeUp forums.

Ways to get WebPoints

There are three kinds of actions that bring you wP: one-time actions like filling out your profile or creating your WebMeUp account. Repeatable actions that you can do many times or an unlimited number of times — like posting to our forums, for example. And there are seasonal, expiring actions. We offer them on special occasions and remove them in a few days. When you see those, you've got to act fast.

To see the full list of actions that bring you WebPoints, go to your account

Forums WebPoints

Forums are the most proliferate and unlimited place to get more WebPoints. You can post and comment as much as you want. So when you're looking for more WebPoints, forums are a gold mine.

Forums wP rules:

New topics and comments

You earn wP when you post a new topic, or a new comment.

Thumbs-up, thumbs-down

If someone thumbs-ups your content, you also earn points. If your content gets thumbs-down, you lose points.

If you vote for other people's content (either positively or negatively), you also earn points.

You do not lose points when voting for someone else. The only reason why you may lose points is when your content is removed as inappropriate, or when someone votes it down.

Deleted topics or comments

If your topic or comment is deleted by moderators, you lose points earned for posting that content. But the points you got because people voted for you, remain.

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How to order software for WebPoints?

You can use wP to extend your free trial for 15 days. This costs 130 wP.

In your account, you have the list of suggested tasks that earn you WebPoints. As soon as you've got wP130 on your account, you'll see this task:

So as you see, when you get these 15 days and spend 130 wP, you also 15 wP back.

To see if this option is already available for you, go to your account.

You can also buy a monthly subscription for WebPoints instead of real money. A month’s subscription costs 250 wP.

When there's enough wP on your account, you'll see a link Pay with wP on the Plans & Prices page.


Each user with WebPoints has a chance to show up in the ratings. And this is not only a way to see where you stand among others.

Your listing in the rating features your name, profile picture, a link to your profile and a link to your company website.

So the top 50 folks on the rating get more visibility for their sites.

Total rating

Simply shows the top 50 folks who earned the most WebPoints ever since they got registered. No matter how much you spend, you get into this rating based on your income, not your current balance.

Monthly rating

Shows top 50 folks who've earned the most wP over the last 30 days. So if you've been inactive during a month, you may fall out of this rating.

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