Check site's rankings in Local Search with WebMeUp

You site's rankings can differ a lot depending on the user's location and search settings — tracking results for multiple countries (and reporting them) can take a lot of time and effort. And when you need to monitor search results for dozens of regions — it turns into a real challenge.

We thought about that and decided to add Local Search results into WebMeUp!

WebMeUp now supports 300+ international and local search engines so you can track your rankings using the engine that matters most to you.

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Here's how it works:

If you have already created a project in WebMeUp, go to the Settings module, click Search Engines and pick the ones that you need:

In some cases, you may need to track the results for the specific city or region — you can specify this too, just click the plus sign "Customize settings for rank checking:"

In the dialog window, specify the necessary settings. For your convenience, you can name the search engine with new settings in a way that you'll easily recognize in WebMeUp.

Let's see what these settings actually mean:

Interface language — find out how your site ranks for people who have chosen a particular interface language.

Results language — see how the site's doing in the language specific search (e.g., when a user wants to get results in French only)

Results country — discover how the site ranks in country–specific search

Searcher's location — check site's rankings as if you were in a different country (often keyword positions differ greatly in various countries)

Area preference — want to see the rankings for the specific city or area? For Google and Bing search engines you can specify a location you want to search near.

Safe search filter — find out where users find your site when Safe Search filter is enabled.

If you haven't launched WebMeUp, you'll be able to pick the local search engines while creating the first project, and sure you can change them anytime either in the Projects Dashboard or using the Settings module!

Want to improve local rankings? Follow 6 simple steps!

After you check your keyword results in local search, you might consider enhancing your local SEO. Here's what you can do:

1. Discover local keywords using the Suggestions tool and add them to the project.

2. Check the On–page module to see how your landing pages are optimized for the local keywords.

3. Visit the Backlinks module and check how many links you have from the country you target.

4. Additionally, you can analyze the anchor text for local key phrases — if you lack links with localized anchors, you may have worse visibility compared to your competitors.

5. Check out the Competitors module to see if they target the local key words.

6. Study the traffic stats in the Analytics module — do local keywords already bring traffic?

Need to track results for lots of countries?

To track search results for a specific country, you need to add the related search engine to the project — e.g. for the UK it's If you are using WebMeUp Standard, you can add up to 5 search engines per project and if you need to track rankings for more locations, please check out the current WebMeUp plans.

Or do you need to track a LOT of locations? See our Custom plans to pick the features you need!

Discover your site's local positions with WebMeUp — go to the project and check rankings today!

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